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anonymous asked 6 years ago

my mtd yardman snowblower belt keeps burning up what might be wrong

1 Answers
Joe answered 6 years ago

First of all, which belt? If it is a 2 stage blower there are 2 belt drive systems on that machine. Most common belt to burn is the auger drive belt. A couple of things can cause this, if the impeller gets siezed from being iced up or something jammed into it, so making sure it turns freely would correct this problem. The other is if the belt is incorrectly installed. Most snow blowers have a brake that stops the auger when the engagement handle is released and they have belt keepers (fingers) as well. On an MTD the belt fingers and brake are on the OUTSIDE of the belt. Look straight down from the engagement idler pulley to see if you have a brake that rides against the pulley when the auger is disengaged, if so make sure the belt rides under it in the pulley and the keepers are on the outside of the belt. MTD makes and has made many, many models, I have made the assumption that this is a 2 stage blower. This complaint is a common one and the answers I gave you is the most common as well. Joe