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carb not sucking gas

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Jim asked 6 years ago

Hi Joe- Was given a Poulan Micro XXV. The guy said the carb was prob gummed up. Found out the gas line was broke in two different spots. I replaced the gas line and sprayed the carb. Can get it to run when I pour fuel in carb but then dies. Carb not sucking gas. Took fuel filter off, same thing. It will stay running when I spray the carb, but can’t see gas running through gas line. Do I need a kit? Could it be something else. Has an on/off switch. How do I tell if that’s bad? Thanks! Jim

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Joe answered 6 years ago

Jim, Your saws problem is your lacking fuel, thats why it runs when you prime it. Your switch is working or it wouldn’t run at all, even when primed. Pull the carb and overhaul it. Get a kit with new diaphragms and make sure all of the passageways are open. This should fix the problem providing you don’t have any crankcase leaks. Joe