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Hard starting tiller

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anonymous asked 6 years ago

I have a 72 model 8hp Briggs on a tiller. I replaced the points/condenser/spark plug and put a carb kit in that I got from you folks. I have a hard time starting it and then it quits before I can start to adjust the carb. It has good compression based on the fact is is hard to pull it over. I check the armature and it pegs on the ohmeter. I have all the gaps set according to specs. If I grab the plug and turn the flywheel I get a tingle so I think I have adequate spark. I even put a squirt of gas into the cylinder and tried to start it with no luck, it doesn’t even offer. Any suggestions beside the BMFH treatment.

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Joe answered 6 years ago

It doesn’t sound like a hard starting problem, it sounds like a no start problem. An engine requires 3 things to run: adequate compression, ignition at the correct time and a correct fuel mixture. Compression should be checked with a compression guage, many things can make an engine turn over hard. A check with a guage will give you an accurate measure. Use an ignition tester to check for spark, if you dont have one, insert a screw driver into the plug wire. With the spark plug removed from the engine, spin the engine over with the rewind starter while holding the screw driver 1/4″ away from the head. If the spark is good it will jump this gap. REMEMBER to use caution as not to ignite anything with the spark. If it doesn’t jump this gap something is wrong with the ignition system. You can use an Ohm meter to check the coil if you know what your checking. You said it pegged the meter. What pegged the meter, the primary or secondary winding. When you say “pegged”, is the circut pegged open or closed. Another thing is that if the flywheel mounting is not properly torqued, the flywheel key will shear putting the magnets in the flywheel out of time with the operation of the points, resulting in a no spark condition. If you check these first two items and have them functioning correctly, then you should be able to start the unit and set your carb. Hope this helps, Joe