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mower won't start after oil overfill

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anonymous asked 6 years ago

B&S lawnmover. Oil over filled, then mover would not start. Drained oil, removed sp plug and turned over engine. Cylinder pushed out oil. Dried plug and replaced. Still no start. What do I do next? tks, pa

1 Answers
Joe answered 6 years ago

PA, Sometimes when an engine is overfilled with oil to the extent that it filled the cylinder, it takes a couple of times to clear out the cylinder before it will start(keep checking the spark plug). The other problem that could happen is that the oil could have filled the carb as well. If the carb is a diaphragm operated carb with an automatic choke, the the choke well vacuum chamber can fill with oil making the choke inoperative. The bowl on a float style carb can fill as well. You may want to try to prime the unit thru the intake to get it to run and then “nurse it along until it clears itself out. Remember when using anything flammable, to take appropriate precautions as not to start a fire. When you do get it running, it will smoke extensively for a time, in addition to filling the cylinder you also filled the muffler. This will take a while to burn out. Don’t be alarmed at the amount of smoke that you will see, if you now have the engine filled to the correct level, it will quit after a while. Joe