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Greg asked 6 years ago

Hi Joe, Do you still work on Vintage Pinball Machines? I recently purchased a King Kool pinball machine (1972), and had some question on how to make some of the to lights work? I replaced every bulb in the game (with #47) and all new rubber. Just cant get all the lights to work. Is there certain contacts that need cleaning? Thanks for your time! Thanks, Greg

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Joe answered 6 years ago

Greg, the lights you are trying to light might be controlled by various aspects of the game that need to be achieved before they will light. That being said, even if they are achieved the contacts may need to be cleaned OR the socket the bulb fits into may need some attention. Take off the playfield glass and activated all of the various features. then start checking sockets and/or contacts. You’ll need to consult you wiring diagram to see witch contacts need to be checked.