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anonymous asked 6 years ago

Howdy Joe, its me again. I have a Snow king on an old snowblower this time. H60 75428M 7138D for the numbers. This thing will start, run fine for awhile, then bogs when you are thowing snow. I disengage the auger, and drive lever to let it catch up. The only problem is that is doesn’t catch up. It simply dies and then is damn near impossible to pull the starter rope. Its almost like something heats up and expands. I have rebuilt the carb (i’m pretty sure the carb has nothing to do with this problem though) and cleaned spark plug. Any ideas?

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Joe answered 6 years ago

Dave, Sounds like you have some engine damage. If I had to give you my best guess, I would say thet at some point the engine was run low on oil. It may even have seized once. I beleive what is happening is that the rod and/or main bearings are seizing. Pull the side cover off of the engine and inspect the bearings. Any dark discoloration would be an indication of a problem. Joe