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maertens asked 6 years ago

hi I’m looking for a replacement for a tecumseh v50 from an older jd riding mower I seen whoever bought tecumseh is selling engines under the lauson name but can’t seem to find any. do you sell them? or have a briggs replacement. i need a heavy flywheel and 7/8 x ~3 3/16 shaft and I need electric start. thanks

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Joe answered 6 years ago

John, Even if Tecumseh was still fully in business, that engine went obsolete long ago. Heavy flywheel,crank dimensions and electric start are easy enough to find. The problem is that new engines are OHV and fitting them into the space and making some kind of exhaust work is an issue. Now, you could mount most anything in there, but how hard do you want to work at it and do you want to keep it some what stock. Maybe you could repair the engine you have with parts or find another on the web. Might be the easiest way to go.