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Snowblower doesn't run at full RPM

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anonymous asked 6 years ago

My snowblower starts fine and appears to run OK at lower RPM’s but as soon as I set it to maximum speed the engine fluctuates from high RPM to midrange and back again. When it is under high load condition it levels out but doesn’t seem to be at maximum power. I notice a link rod from the carburetor to a point on the engine block that has a pivot. This rod is fluctuating with the same rhythm as the engine.. is this a governor of some sort? .. and is this where my problem is at? I think I will be seeing you soon!

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Joe answered 6 years ago

I believe your problem is carburation. A lack of fuel issue exists. The Governor is looking for more fuel, thus the surging and lack of power under load. A good cleaning and kitting of the carb should do the trick. Thanks, Joe P.S. – We don’t take in snowblowers until the end of September.