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softball in the auger

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Chad asked 6 years ago

I have a Honda hs928 snowblower. I got a softball caught in the auger and now it won’t turn. I checked the belts and they’re fine. After tinkering with it for a bit the auger spins very slowly. Any ideas on what needs to be fixed?

1 Answers
Joe answered 6 years ago

Chad, if the impeller spins , but the auger doesn’t it is most likely broken shear bolts. Some Hondas have the shear bolts next to the gear case thru a oval shaped bracket on the auger shaft. The shear bolt goes thru this bracket onto the corresponding bracket on the gear case. Some Hondas have the shear bolt thru the auger itself and thru the auger shaft. If your shear bolts are still good and the impeller spins, then you may have damaged the gear case internally.